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REDUCE FIXED EXPENSES TO SAVE MONEY FOR TRAVEL ,While I was working on my personal savings and getting acclimated to keeping to a budget

REDUCE FIXED EXPENSES TO SAVE MONEY FOR TRAVEL ,While I was working on my personal savings and getting acclimated to keeping to a budget. 카지노사이트

I discovered that the majority of my spending were due to fixed bills such as rent and electricity — and I had to make some difficult decisions.

If you’re in a similar situation, you may need to change your way of life to live within your means. Here are a few novel approaches to reducing your fixed costs:

Reduce your phone bill

If you’re paying off your phone, trade it in for a less expensive one. Change to a cheaper phone plan, or split a shared phone plan with friends or family.

If none of those choices work, there’s always the tried-and-true method of calling your phone company and (politely) threatening to cancel your service.

To maintain you as a customer, they’ll normally provide a “retention” discount.

If they don’t, sever your ties with them and switch to a less expensive phone provider who appreciates your business!

At this point, feel free to give your best “let me speak to your manager” impression, but please don’t ream out

The poor customer service representative who happened to answer your call — it’s not their fault.)

I called AT&T so many times to politely request a discount on my phone and internet bills that their retention line was saved as a “Favorite” in my phone.

(By the way, T-Mobile offers unlimited data worldwide, making it ideal for international travel!)

Cancel your cable TV service.

If you’re still paying for cable TV, get rid of it – you’ll be surprised at how much mindless entertainment you can receive from Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, and/or HBOMax.

Plus, this will be great practice for when you’re on the road!

To save even more money, consider sharing your accounts with family and friends. My entire family subscribes to a streaming service, and the rest of us leech off of them.

It also makes it simpler to see who is watching what, so we can text them and ask if it’s worth it. Aww, family bonding over television – it’s like going back in time!

Reduce your housing expenses.

Housing costs are typically the largest expense line in your budget, so lowering your monthly housing payment

Can be a significant boost to your savings, especially if you can move your belongings on your own or with the help of friends.

If you’re a renter, keep an eye out for cheaper options in your area’s apartment listings.

You’re looking for less square footage, fewer bedrooms or bathrooms, and fewer amenities (for example, we went 8 years without a dishwasher or air conditioning, which was great practice for hostels!). is my go-to site for apartment listings. 카지노 블로그

If you can’t find a cheaper place on your own, think about roommates. You can gather a group of friends to split the cost of a house with multiple bedrooms

Or you can look on Craigslist to see if anyone is looking for a roommate.

If you don’t want to move and have some extra space, getting a roommate will immediately increase your savings — much easier if you have an extra bedroom, of course

But there are a few non-traditional living arrangements to consider. (Jeremy once shared a studio apartment in

San Francisco with seven other people, with one corner of the room divided by a hanging sheet. Comfortable? No, but excellent training for hostel dorms?)

Just make sure you do your due diligence with anyone you bring in to live with you: if you’re renting, make sure you’re not breaking your lease by subletting

(it’s much better to add them to the lease so everything’s on the same page).

If you own your home, run a background check and make a lease so you’re legally protected if something goes wrong.

Homeowners have a few other alternatives. Refinancing your mortgage could help you lower your monthly payment or interest rate.

You can even rent out your entire house to pay off your mortgage and then relocate to a lower-cost apartment.

You’ll almost certainly need to find a tenant to sublet your house while you’re away, so why not do it now and pocket the additional cash?

I had just moved from a one-bedroom apartment to a 500-square-foot cottage to save $150 a month when I met Jeremy.

That $150 every month amounted to $1,800 per year, or $9,000 over a five-year period! That transfer alone paid for a major portion of our expenses.

But when Jeremy moved in with me, my cozy little cottage became far too small.

There wasn’t enough room for just me and my belongings, let alone Jeremy’s boxes of artwork and film school textbooks.

We both ended up selling some of our possessions – and eventually grew accustomed to constantly squeezing past one another. And it turned out to be excellent preparation for long-term travel! 안전한 카지노사이트

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