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How to find cheap accommodation while traveling

How to find cheap accommodation while traveling

How to find cheap accommodation while traveling. When traveling abroad or planning a trip, accommodation can be one of the biggest expenses in your budget. Everyone wants to get a better deal and have more money to spend on traveling and discovering new places.

There are many ways to find cheap accommodation abroad. We hope our article will show you that you can travel/live abroad on a budget and save some money.

Some hostels and hotels can be very expensive, especially if you are staying for more than a few days. This guide will help you find other types of budget accommodation and find economical ways to stay around the world. You will find that you can live abroad on a budget and save some money. A little tip to start: if you want to go to the US, hotels are expensive. But one way to keep costs down is to live in an apartment. Before you go, you can check the average rent in Memphis, Tennessee. Also elsewhere and see how much you need to prepare for your stay.

Below you will find more tips, This article will be helpful if you are traveling alone, with friends, as a couple, or as a family.

Youth dormitory

Staying in hostels abroad is our top recommendation for saving money and staying in cheap accommodation around the world. You can find hostels in almost every country in the world and prices vary. Most have dormitories and shared rooms for very low prices. If you’ve never stayed in this type of accommodation before, don’t overlook the name ‘hostels’, some offer world-class amenities, and kitchens for you to cook in, and some are much more fun than just staying in a hotel. For example, in places like Thailand, you can stay for as little as 3 USD a night, and even in more expensive countries. It is usually cheaper if you choose a hostel far from the tourist area/city center.

In a hostel, the longer you stay, the lower the price will be. Some hostels have special promotions if you stay 3 nights you will get the 4th free. Some hostels even allow volunteer work in exchange for a free bed. Be sure to book in advance with a comparison site like Hostel World to get the cheapest price possible.


Hotels are the most popular accommodation option when traveling abroad. You can find a variety of options and rates from deluxe rooms to low-cost budget options. With hotels, it’s important to remember that the earlier you book. The lower the price will be the better your offer will be. One of the benefits of a booking site is that it offers free cancellation (please read the fine print). So if you book a hotel and change your mind, you can get your money back. Sometimes if you sacrifice location, you will save a lot of money on accommodation.

Try to find out if you really need an expensive central location. If you don’t mind commuting and staying a little further away. In Venice for example, you can stay outside the main city and take a bus, taxi, or train to get to the main tourist area, which will save you a lot of money! Using a good hotel comparison site, we recommend Combined Hotels to find the cheapest price and book in advance to get the best deal.

Be with your friends and family

The world is so small now, especially with social networking sites like Facebook connecting the world together. Reach out to people you know living abroad and see if you can stay with them. Ask them to post a message on their Facebook to see if someone they know can invite you. work or not. Staying with a local is always a great way to experience more places you wouldn’t normally see, and most of the time it’s free!


Depending on the country you want to visit, you can bring sleeping bags, pillows, and tents that you can buy online or in many stores for a very cheap price. Many countries have professional campsites where you can stay for less. Which is common in the summer in countries like France and New Zealand. You can also just set up at the side of the road, beach, or field.

Buy or rent a motorbike

If you plan to travel to Europe, Australia, or New Zealand, a popular choice is to travel by motorbike. You can buy a used van for cheap or just rent one. Which can be a fraction of the price of traditional accommodation. If you share a friend or partner, it will reduce the overall price.

CouchSurfing website and social network

Today, with the Internet, you can join social networks and find accommodation abroad. There are popular sites like Couchsurfing and Hospitality Club where you can join, make friends, contact people, and then find someone to host you abroad. There are many social networking sites where you can meet new people and find hosts, whether you’re traveling alone, with friends, or as a couple. It sounds scary if you haven’t come across this concept before, but there are actually thousands of people registered on these sites and there are a lot of safety and security measures you can take. You can check people’s reviews or contact people who have stayed with people to verify their authenticity.

We will avoid contacting anyone with pictures, information, or opinions. Travelers are connected so the people you meet can connect you with others in the destinations you want to visit. Sometimes booking accommodation can be difficult, such as during high season or during special events like Carnival in Brazil, and social networking sites can help. Couchsurfing and similar sites are also an option to consider if you are looking to travel on a budget, not just stay in a mediocre hotel, for example. Accommodation is one of these sites but you can also contact people who can give you travel advice or show you around where they live.

Rent, exchange housing

If you’re planning to go away for more than a few days, you may want to consider another option: renting a room, apartment, apartment, or house abroad. There are also apartment and housing websites that have been set up so you can stay in one place while the owners are away. With Home Swap, you browse properties you like, contact the owners and see if they’d like to trade, which means you’ll get free accommodation for the duration of your stay. . Other sites provide access to listings of vacant rooms and properties, and you can apply for a place to stay. These options are probably our top recommendations if you’re working abroad or traveling long-term with family, but they’re still worth considering.

Travel at night

This is a more economical travel suggestion, but if you want to save money when traveling abroad, consider booking overnight transportation. There are so many buses, trains, and overnight flights that you can save on overnight accommodation just by moving. It might mean you’re a little tired the next day depending on how much sleep you get, but it can also mean waking up early to a new destination, meaning you have the day to relax or explore. break. Most airports and transport hubs also usually have safe areas where you can sleep 카지노사이트.

Group activities

If you book a group tour, this usually includes accommodation at the price you pay. While some trips may seem expensive when you calculate the price of accommodation in these destinations, you’ll find that value for money is sometimes interesting, especially when food is often included.

Short term rental

There has been a huge rise in short-term rentals as an alternative and popular form of accommodation and the best part is that it can be much cheaper than staying in a hotel. Sites like Airbnb allow you to search for short-term rental accommodation anywhere in the world. offers affordable accommodation for people of all ages. Every home has a homeowner, and homeowners do more than just hand over keys. They are real people who bring real homestay family experiences to life.

The farm stays

You may be surprised to learn that local farms around the world offer free accommodation to expats, especially those willing to volunteer their time working. You can join local missions and get free accommodation.

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